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When John Schultz’s Aliens in the Attic hit the American cinemas in 2009, fantasy fiction movie lovers were thrilled at the opportunity to experience yet another movie-induced adrenalin rush. But if you’re one such enthusiast, who would do almost anything to get a memorable, unusual experience as did the Pearsons in their battle against extraterrestrial visitors who intruded their vacation house, you might want to consider the mysteries surrounding alien life in Peru and ancient Peruvian history.

Ancient Peruvian Alien Life In Peru | Dana's Tours

Sometimes, movies seem to play out in real life if you pay close attention. The coronavirus pandemic and its astonishing death toll as well as speed of transmission screams Resident Evil. Just like in the movies, we’re seeing the virus go on a sickening global tour.

Beyond movies, it’s fair to say that when you explore the Nazca Lines of Peru, the Paracas skulls and many similar sites or artefacts, it is either your pre-existing belief in the existence of aliens gets reinforced or your disbelief in them gets challenged.

In this blog post, we bring you two breathtaking mysteries which speak volume about the possible history of aliens in Peru. Ready your mind! You’re in for a “Perulous” ride.

The Mysterious Nazca Lines

When you take a trip by land through the planes of Nazca, you are probably going to see gravels, stones and other rock elements seemingly littered on the surface of this desert.

At first it will leave no special impression in your mind. After all, you’re traveling across a rocky desert. But should you take a look at those planes from an elevated point, perhaps the top of a hill nearby, you will see ancient Peruvian patterns that amaze and baffle at the same time.

You get to see that these supposed rocks, stones and debris which heap on the desert are arranged with geometric precision, forming plane shapes and even recognizable animal patterns – these are known as geoglyphs by the way.

From trapeziums to rectangles to triangles and even just straight, parallel lines, you will behold designs so amazing you get to start asking “Who drew the Nazca Lines?”

Ancient Peruvian Nazca Lines | Dana's Tours

Tourists and adventurers who have taken a look at these giant lines from an aircraft wonder whether ancient Peruvian history is responsible for the lines or if it is  an evidence of alien life.

Were they made by man or aliens? Hear what experts say about these geoglyphs which have been of interest to humans for almost a hundred years now.

Some historians speculate that the cultures which predate the lines may have been intentionally created over an 800-year period by ancient Peruvian cultures of the Nazca region

Anthropologists and editors of say the ancient inhabitants of the region created the lines by “removing” the outermost covering of the rocks – as deeps as 15 inches – to reveal the much lighter interiors which are easily visible from the sky. There is no sufficient evidence to prove that humans drew those lines. Similarly, beliefs that aliens drew them lack concrete evidence as well. But one thing is certain: they were done for a purpose.

Christina A Conlee believes that those lines were probably created for religious purposes. She had examined the skeleton of a headless body excavated from the region before arriving at that conclusion.

The Paracas Skulls of Peru

To be realistic, Nazca may not be an alien city after all. The lines may be wonderful but not so complex that the ancient Peruvians would find impossible to create.

Why wouldn’t they? If ancient civilization produced structures as Magnificent as the Egyptian pyramids, it is safe to say that etching those lines on the desert might have been a piece of cake.

But the strange skulls you will see when you tour the Paracas History Museum is on another level of weird. No doubt, there is such a thing as “artificial skull deformation”.

It is a popular archeological belief that parents of the ancient times used to artificially modify the skulls of their children starting from birth. Some say the motive is to have their children resemble their gods as much as possible.

Typically, the Paracas skulls of Peru feature a bony head which has all the things you would expect from a human skull but with a super elongated posterior (back) portion. The designs are so strange that it holds no semblance to any primate.

Hence, we cannot say it was a skeleton of man in his early days of evolution. Again, they can be so daringly elongated and pointy that it is impossible to believe that a human would have that kind of skull and still be alive.

Even if we assume that some of man’s ancient ancestors performed executions or rituals which involve elongating the skulls of people, we would still not have been able to find Paracas skulls.

The human skull will crack after being stretched to a certain limit and would have degenerated into fragments or smaller portions after all those centuries.

Yet, the Paracas skulls are intact and not cracked. Evidence of alien life? It’s difficult to argue otherwise.

In a Nutshell

The world is humongous, and that’s a no-brainer. The history which precedes us is incredibly more diverse than the culture we have today.

We now know that there are other planets in our solar system, and that there are other systems outside our galaxy. Astronomy has taught us about UFOs, comets and the possibilities of alien existence.

Whether we (the humans and animals) are alone in this planet or are (have been) in the company of aliens is something no individual has been able to categorically explain. What we have are theories, opinions and hypothesis.

You too can come up with yours or perhaps make an interesting discovery when you tour Peru. Too many questions to answer about the possibility of alien life in Peru. Perhaps, you will have answers when you pay a visit to any alien city in Peru. Or, we can’t wait until we have time machines and pay a visit to an ancient Peruvian and get some answers.

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